Chris Hartwig

Hi, I'm Chris.
I love innovative technologies.
I'm a full-stack developer...

I'm a software engineer.


I've always been attracted to technology and arts. For some people, it's not easy to combine the two. I chose to pursue both careers: I started with IT, then I made a trip to the artsy side, and now I'm back to my early love.

The corporate world was the perfect playground at the beginning of my carreer but it's boring. In contrast, small businesses and startups are fascinating. I think software and art can blend into innovation, when creativity is vital.

It's now time for me to tackle new challenges, to up the ante and move forward. Years of Java and Scala made me love Node.js and Golang, years of SQL made me love Redis and MongoDB, years in the Swiss banking industry made me love the Internet industry and remote work.

I've been a digital nomad for four years, the slow traveler type, and a remote worker for five years. I move from country to country, but I'm taking my time to keep productivity high.

I'm looking for a startup with aligned values and goals.


Although I hold an engineer degree in CS, I believe in self-education most: it requires motivation but with the Internet, the sky is the limit to our knowledge.

I've always had both technical and managerial responsibilities, and I enjoy both. I believe both are necessary to get things done. I could probably be described as a fullstack engineer, an OO specialist, an agile project manager, but here's how I see my duties: I'm an entrepreneur, on my own or within an organisation, and I do what's necessary to make great things happen.

After four years working in a fully remote team, I know that's how I work best.

Core competencies

  • Linux early adopter, around 1993
  • Node.js (JS, TS, CS) / React / noSQL minded
  • I'm quickly falling in love with Golang
  • Java early adopter, 1996
  • Strong architecture skills
  • Permeability to new technologies
  • Agile development since the early days of Xtreme Programming
  • I know the difference between a manager and a leader
  • I see dead people art in software

Education in France

  • Engineer degree in C.S.

    Institut des Sciences de l'Ingénieur de Montpellier - 1995
    now Polytech Montpellier
  • D.E.U.G. A Chimie Physique

    Université Claude Bernard, Lyon - 1992
  • BAC C

    Lycée Lumière, Lyon - 1990


I'm an accomplished full-stack developer with an strong emphasis on the server side.

  • JS/TypeScript/Nodejs
    or Golang
  • noSQL or SQL
  • Web (React/Redux) or not
  • Tooling (Git, VSC, Gitlab CI/CD, etc)
  • API design and implementation
  • Stateful, Stateless, or a mix
  • Exposure to countless technologies
  • Opinionated mentor


More code is not always the solution, that's when you turn to Architecture instead.

  • Deep understanding of distributed systems (CAP's implications)
  • I have a thing for fast and critical stateful realtime systems
  • Scalability requires architecture
  • Many tools to choose from,
    as long as you pick the right ones and know how they play together
  • Still lacking: real life Kafka stream processing experience.


One day, they told me I was a manager. I decided to learn about management, then I discovered what leadership is.

  • Good communication skills
  • Lead 10 engineers
  • Strong team spirit, friendly
  • I know how to empower and delegate
  • Seth Godin nailed it
  • Egoless when it helps the project
  • I'm a managing developer, not a developing manager
  • I'm perfectly happy in an interesting developer position


Innovation will never stop, so I've always kept an eye on what's happening on the tech scene.

  • If I don't know it already, I'll learn it
  • Why use what you know already? :-)
  • Always tons of things in the learning pipe
  • 20 years of constant learning
  • Last learnt: Golang & Docker Swarm
  • Next: k8s?

Today: open to opportunities


I believe in mutual interest: you must think I'm the one you need, and I must say "I want this job".

I'm a rather laid back guy, and I look and feel younger than I am. Developers who turn 35 often try to escape from dev but I don't. I'm a fullstack guy, yet I'm even more productive when I have a team to share the load... plus I love people. That 's why I think I'm a good candidate for a startup.

By the way, I'm a big fan of electronic music in general, I'm french but I can speak english like a decent immigrant, and I quit smoking five years ago. My LinkedIn profile is boringly empty, and my Twitter account is worth even less.

I read Hacker News every day, because it's where I can learn how the world is changing.

I have so many ideas, and so little time to work on them...

Chris Hartwig
until May 2018 at least
Edificio Marazul del Sur, 319B
Carretera Playa San Juan, S/N
38678 Adeje
Email: iPhone: +34 69 77 39 255